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Winners Speak

  • Arun Bhika Sabale

    State : Maharashtra

    Club : Gold Club

    Won : ₹5,14,930

    I loved the services that the GRC Team provided us on-ground. Everything was managed supremely well. Everything was fabulous!

  • Solomon S

    State : Tamil Nadu

    Club : Platinum Elite

    Won : ₹2,05,974

    Playing Rummy live was an awesome experience. First thanks to Bhavin Pandya for organizing the event and giving back memorable experiences to all the players who play on RummyCircle.
    Thanks to all the staff members as well for their hospitality.

  • Vicky Thakur

    State : Delhi

    Club : Platinum Elite

    Won : ₹1,39,045

    The Welcome act at the Westin Hotel was fabulous & the gift was so good! I enjoyed my stay at the hotel. The dinner, dance show & games at the Big Daddy Casino was awesome. On the tournament day, I liked my Grand Finale entry. I reached the Top 6 & before the round began, the team video-called my wife & kids… It was unpredictable! She was so happy seeing me play, it motivated me. In GRC 2019, I had reached the semi-finals but this time, I came in the Top 6. Now next time, I’ll be the winner! Thanks to Team RummyCircle… Now waiting for an international tournament!

  • Mr. Rajesh S.

    State : Tamil Nadu

    Club : Platinum Elite

    Won : ₹50,00,000

    I'm very much happy. GRC 2019 is my first offline experience & I didn't expect to win the 1st Prize of ₹50 LAKH. It is an amazing feeling. I'm blessed.
    Benny Dayal's performance was great. He performed one of my all-time favourite Tamil songs & fulfilled my expectations. This was my first flight experience & I enjoyed it. I enjoyed everything from start to end. This trip & tournament will be the highlight of my life.

  • Mr.Khemchand Harchandani (Big 10 Winner)

    State : Karnataka

    Club : Platinum Club

    Won : ₹2,50,000

    It was a great experience and enjoyment to be the part of GRC 2019, it became more precious after becoming the champion in BIG 10.

  • Mr.Jitendra Chavan (Big 20 Winner)

    State : Maharashtra

    Club : Platinum Elite

    Won : ₹7,50,000

    I am very much thankful to RummyCircle because the arrangement you have made at Grand Hyatt was simply awesome playing LIVE rummy was thrilling. Big 20 tournament was a boon for me because I won that tournament with a whopping prize of ₹ 7.5 LAKH.

  • Mr. Mandava S Rao

    State : Karnataka

    Club : Platinum Elite

    Won : ₹20,00,000

    Happy winning the 1st place and the arrangement was good. Very happy with the support given from start.

  • Mr. Ala Venkateshwarlu

    State : Andhra Pradesh

    Club : Daimond Club

    Won : ₹10,00,000

    Liked the overall arrangements (travel, staff, food, entertainment, accommodation). The way I was received from the airport, then check in to hotel with delicious food. I also liked the structure of the tournament (online qualifiers, Sunday finale, and GRC). Everything was very good. Please conduct such tournaments frequently. Also, I want to suggest to extend one more day at least for relaxing or sightseeing after the tournament gets completed.

  • Mr. Ravibabu

    State : Andhra Pradesh

    Club : Gold Club

    Won : ₹5,00,000

    Nice trip, good team work, good coordination, excellent support was provided.

  • Mr. Ajit S H

    State : Karnataka

    Club : Platinum Elite

    Won : ₹10,00,000

    I started playing on RummyCircle about 9 years back & now I've won ₹10,00,000 in India's Rummy Championship held in Taj, Bengaluru! I've also won many tournaments & cash prizes here. RummyCircle is genuine, transparent, & quick in customer service & I'm especially thankful for the service because I live in a remote village. I recommend others to play on RummyCircle for the best Rummy experience.

  • Mr. Kapil Mittal

    State : Punjab

    Club : Platinum Club

    Won : ₹1,50,000

    I didn't expect this. I enjoyed competing in all rounds. I didn't win the 1st place in the final but I'm happy that I reached the final & won ₹1.5 Lakh! This gives me a lot of hope & confidence that I will succeed in future tournaments as well. I trust RummyCircle & have been playing for the last 9 years.

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