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Weekend Loot

What's better than a weekend?
A weekend full of winnings!

Loot Qualifiers 1st Prize
Grand Finale Ticket
Grand Finale Prizes
Total Prize
₹20 LAKH
1st Prize
₹10 LAKH
Enjoy Rebuy!
Recharge your chip balance in between the game to play until the last round
Loot Qualifiers
Loot Qualifier 50
Rounds Point Value Min. Chips* Rebuy Cost Rebuy Chips
1 10 3200 ₹ 25 1600
2 30 2401 ₹ 38 2400
3 50 4807 ₹ 63 4000
Loot Qualifier 500
Rounds Point Value Min. Chips* Rebuy Cost Rebuy Chips
1 10 3200 ₹ 250 1600
2 30 2401 ₹ 375 2400
3 50 4801 ₹ 625 4000
Loot Grand Finale
Rounds Point Value Min. Chips* Rebuy Cost Rebuy Chips
1 10 3200 ₹ 2500 1600
2 30 2401 ₹ 3750 2400
3 50 4801 ₹ 6250 4000
4 70 8001 ₹ 8750 5600
5 90 11201 ₹ 11250 7200
* No. of chips a player needs to start a round
How To Enter?
Route 1
Play & Win
Loot Qualifiers
Grand Finale
Route 2
Buy Royal Entry Trophy & enter Grand Finale directly! Trophy
11 PM, Sunday
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  • Weekend Loot Ultimate Quest is valid for selected cash players only. A Cash player is defined as a player who has successfully added cash to his/her RummyCircle account and has played at least one cash game.
  • Sunday Ultimate Finale tickets issued are non-transferable and shall not entitle any benefit other than the right to participate in the respective tournaments
  • Entry to the Sunday Ultimate Finale Tournaments will be on a first-come, first-served basis. cannot be held responsible for any player not getting a seat.
  • Prize Information - The winners will be eligible to receive cash and non-cash prizes as per the prize distribution plan, which may be subject to change. In some cases, where a tournament does not fill completely as per its size, no finale tickets will be distributed to players & only cash prizes will be given out. While, in some other cases, the player may receive both, the finale ticket as well as a cash prize.
  • Prize Credits - Cash prizes will be credited to the RummyCircle user account of the winners instantly upon completion of the relevant prize round in each Weekend Loot Ultimate Quest Qualifier or Weekend Loot Ultimate Quest Finale, as the case may be.
  • Binding Decision - The decision of in any dispute regarding winning and disbursement of prizes shall be final and binding on all participants.
  • TDS Deduction - TDS, if applicable, will be deducted by RummyCircle at prevailing rates. The recipient shall, however, be required to submit a signed copy of the PAN card to before claiming the prize.
  • Modifications - Notwithstanding anything contained herein, RummyCircle reserves the right to modify conditions applicable to or withdraw any Weekend Loot Ultimate Quest Qualifier or Weekend Loot Ultimate Quest Finale at any time without prior notice. RummyCircle's decision regarding the same shall be final and binding.
  • One player can have only one account on If multiple accounts are detected, all prizes won will be reversed.
  • reserves all rights to use your name, login ID, and amount won for marketing purposes.
  • All tournament prizes and bonus amounts are indicative in nature. Actual amounts may differ depending on the number of tournaments held, tournament occupancy, and amount of bonus picked up.
  • The winner of each Loot Qualifier will get an all-new SMARTPHONE. The images of the smartphone used in the promotional communication are for representational purposes only. They may differ from the actual model of the smartphone to be awarded. The decision of RummyCircle will be final and binding in this regard.
  • The non-cash prize winners will receive an SMS or phone call about the winning prize within twenty-four (24) hours from the completion of the tournament. In case a winner does not receive an email or phone call, the winner is requested to contact our Helpdesk for further queries within seven (7) days of the completion of the tournament.
  • No cash shall be paid in lieu of the SMARTPHONE. No request shall be entertained for the exchange of prizes of any value.
  • To be eligible to claim the non-cash & cash prizes, the winner must be willing to provide a written and video testimonial that captures their personal winning experience. The RummyCircle team will be reaching out to the winners for the same. RummyCircle reserves the right to use these materials for marketing and promotional purposes. The team retains the right to review, edit, and approve the testimonials.
  • Non-cash prizes must be claimed within 30 days from the date of winning. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prizes
  • Winners will receive the non-cash prizes within 60 days from the date of sharing address and claiming the prize.
  • This tournament is valid only in India. Players of Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland, Assam, Sikkim, and Telangana are not eligible to participate.
  • One player can have only one account on RummyCircle. If multiple accounts from the same player are detected, all prizes won will be canceled.
  • In the event the prize is received in broken or damaged condition, the same shall be reported to within 48 hours of the receipt thereof for appropriate action. No subsequent claims shall be entertained. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, RummyCircle disclaims any warranty or guarantee relating to the quality and fitness of the prizes. All claims of product warranty must be addressed directly to the manufacturer or their authorized agents.
  • Delivery of the winning prize to the postal address (as provided by the Company) shall be subject to the presence/access of the Company's courier agency to the Player's delivery location. Otherwise, the Player shall be responsible for collecting it from the nearby office of the Company's courier agency or any other place as may be communicated by the Company/ courier agency.
  • All email communication for Weekend Loot Ultimate Quest and the winner announcement will be sent from: and Please add these IDs to your safe sender list. SMS alerts will be sent to you from us.
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