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Get ready for Pool Rummy in a thrilling avatar

Introducing 'Pool Rummy with Sidewins'. Now win cash in every deal.

To know more watch the video below in your desired language

Note: Sidewins is available only on android and iOS devices. You need to have the latest version of the app . You can download it by clicking here

Applicable on 6-Player, 101 Pool Rummy for all entry fees
Here's how to join
Play a 6-player Pool Rummy game
Pay a small fee & join SideWin
The entry fee forms the SideWins pot
Just score the least points among SideWins players in a deal & win extra cash.
It's that simple!
Tournament Structure

1. What is SideWins?

SideWins is the newest feature in Pool Rummy where you can win cash in every round.

2. Why should I join SideWins?

With Sidewins you can win extra cash in every round along with the main game winnings

3. How do I join a SideWins game?

Just Slide to join SideWins from the Game Table. (Talk about small entry fee)

4. How to win SideWins?

Just score the least amongst the SideWins players and win the SideWins Cash Prize

5. What if I drop?

On your first drop, You don’t get any refund

6. Is SideWins compulsory?

SideWins is optional. If you don’t want to join & win extra then continue with 101 Pool Rummy game.

7. Where can I find SideWins?

You can join SideWins by playing any 6 player Pool Rummy game

8. What happens in case of a tie?

The SideWins total prize will be divided amongst the tied players.

9. What happens on a middle drop?

You don’t get any refund on Middle drop

10. Is SideWins available on all entry fees?

Yes SideWins is available on all Entry Fees

11. If I join SideWins do I have to play all the SideWins rounds?

No you can join any round you wan

12.How do I know which players have joined the SideWins round?

SideWins players will have an ‘S’ next to their name, as shown below.

13. Can I join SideWins while playing a round?

No. You can join only at the start of each round, before the cards are dealt.

14.When will I get the SideWins winning amount?

Instantly. The SideWins amount will be transferred to your wallet at the end of every round.

15. What if I am the only one who joins SideWins?

In case nobody joins, Sidewins game will be inapplicable, and you will get your money back.

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